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Ongoing Success Story For Euroguss

Only about three months to go and the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg will again become the meeting place for the die-casting industry for three days, from 14 to 16 January 2020. In 2020 the international trade fair for die casting will again have plenty to offer, with about 700 exhibitors in four halls for the first time, the Die Casting Conference with a top-quality lecture programme, and the special shows “Research for Knowledge” and “Surface Technology”. Another first is the Additive Manufacturing pavilion and the EUROGUSS Talent Award, a prize for emerging talents.


EUROGUSS 2020 fully booked
NEW: Additive Manufacturing pavilion
NEW: EUROGUSS Talent Award recognises emerging talents


EUROGUSS made a splash with strong growth in exhibitor numbers the last time it was held. And the success story will continue in 2020. “The preparations for EUROGUSS 2020 could not have been better,” comments Christopher Boss, Director and International Product Manager of EUROGUSS. “All four halls are already fully booked, with growth of 17 percent, which shows we are absolutely on the right track with our trade fair strategy. All important die-casting foundries and their suppliers are once again represented among the exhibitors. That is a positive sign, especially considering the rather weak state of the economy, with regard to the automobile industry and its suppliers in particular, which includes the die-casting foundries. For us, it is proof that EUROGUSS is perceived as THE meeting point for the die-casting industry.”


Products cover the entire die-casting value chain
More than half of the exhibitors at EUROGUSS are international. After Germany, the largest contingent of exhibitors comes from Italy, followed by Turkey, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. Die-casting foundries constitute the largest group of exhibitors, at about 39 percent. The balance of the exhibitors will be showcasing die-casting technologies including machines, peripheral devices, furnaces, moulds, metals, alloys, and parting agents and operating materials. There are also products and services for after-treatment of castings, quality assurance, control and drive technology, rapid prototyping, and software. For more information on the exhibitors and their products, see


The trade visitors to EUROGUSS are mainly decision-makers and users from the automotive industry, machine and plant engineering companies, mould making specialists, the electronics industry, energy and medical technology and die casting foundries. Tickets for EUROGUSS can be purchased at:


Meetings and interaction at the highest level
The 20th Die Casting Conference will be held in NCC Ost in parallel with EUROGUSS. This is one of the key information platforms for the die-casting industry. More than 1,300 participants visited the top-quality supporting programme during EUROGUSS 2018. The conference gives trade visitors a chance to learn about everything that currently concerns the industry, while international die-casting experts gather for three days to discuss new technologies and developments in the area of processes and materials. Presentations will be given in English or German, and simultaneous translation is provided for all lectures. The conference is organized by the Verband Deutscher Druckgiessereien (Association of German Die-Casting Foundries, VDD), as part of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Giesserei-Industrie (Federation of the German Die-Casting Industry, BDG). For the entire supporting programme, see:


The winners of the die-casting competitions for aluminium, zinc and magnesium will also be announced at EUROGUSS. The prizes recognise outstanding and innovative die-cast components. The goal is to draw attention to the many different potential applications for these materials and the performance and power of innovation of the participating die-casting foundries.


EUROGUSS Talent Award recognises outstanding final degree papers
The EUROGUSS Talent Award will be presented for the first time in 2020. It will recognise outstanding final degree papers in the field of die-casting. The papers can cover topics such as innovative solutions and processes, new materials and new areas of application in die-casting and along the entire supply chain. “We are extending the submission deadline by a month, so applicants still have until 30 November 2019 to submit their papers,” says Boss. “We have already received a number of exciting, first-class submissions and are looking forward to viewing them.”


An international panel of experts, consisting of representatives from the R&D community and industry, will assess the submitted abstracts and select a winner, who can look forward to a non-cash prize as well as a travel package to EUROGUSS 2020. The winner will be announced at the show, and he/she will be able to present his/her work to the EUROGUSS trade audience in the exhibition forum, as well has having the opportunity to publish an article in the industry platform SPOTLIGHTMETAL.


Focus on additive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing has become a standard part of production technology and has grown into a huge market. “Additive manufacturing processes offer huge potential for die-casting foundries,” Boss observes. “3D printing is the perfect complement to die-casting, and is already being used in the die-casting industry.” This technology can prove helpful in many areas of the production process. So, for example, prototypes can be constructed quite easily, and tool and mould-making can also benefit from the technology.


This subject will be the focus of the Additive Manufacturing pavilion. The special show will reflect the entire value chain of 3D printing, and will offer an ideal platform for dealing in depth with this manufacturing technology.


Additive manufacturing is not only the theme for the special exhibition area, however, but also has a place in the supporting programme. In Speaker’s Corner in Hall 8, for example, where there will be a dedicated series of presentations on 3D printing in collaboration with numerous partner entities.


Area for newcomers to the industry
The “Innovation made in Germany” pavilion is an opportunity for start-ups and young companies to participate in the trade fair, sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). It will provide an opportunity for industry professionals at EUROGUSS to interact with the start-ups and familiarise themselves first-hand with product innovations and new, innovative solutions. The start-ups will be displaying innovative products and services from various areas, including a testing machine to measure metallic materials, the manufacture of innovative cores involving minimal use of resources, and prototype manufacture using 3D metal printing, for example.


Die-casting world-wide: THE LEADING DIE CASTING SHOWS
With more than 15 years of experience in the die-casting industry, NürnbergMesse has acquired proven expertise in this field. In addition to organizing EUROGUSS, it can also draw on its network of trade fairs in core markets around the world to offer companies platforms in the major international foundry markets. Its objective is to bring companies together and give them access to new markets.


The EUROGUSS Family is currently represented in four markets: China, India, Mexico and Thailand. The next event in the EUROGUSS product family series is EUROGUSS ASIA PACIFIC, a conference event which will be held as part of Metal AP in Bangkok, Thailand, from 12 to 14 December 2019. This will be followed from 15 to 17 July 2020 by CHINA DIECASTING, China’s leading die-casting trade fair, in Shanghai. Building on its successful start in the form of an exhibitor pavilion, EUROGUSS Mexico will be held in Guadalajara from 10 to 12 November 2020. And rounding out the year of die-casting events is ALUCAST, India’s leading trade fair for die casting, in Chennai between 3 and 5 December 2020.


For more information, see

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